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Summary:graphVizBin for WAMPserver
Author:Edward Thomas
Date:2011-06-19 19:50:32
Update:2011-06-20 08:18:37

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Edward Thomas - 2011-06-19 19:50:32
Do you know what graphVizBin release I should use on a Windows system using WAMPServer2.1?

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Colin McKinnon - 2011-06-20 08:18:37 - In reply to message 1 from Edward Thomas
> what graphVizBin release I should use on a Windows

Sorry - I don't use MS systems. But the dot language hasn't really changed for some time and code graph is only using the basic features - so just about any version should work - if you run into problems, it's much more likely they are problems in the Code Graph code.

You'll certainly need to edit the files to set the location of the dot interpreter (set in the constructor), and the example files to set the outputFileName.