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Subject:http/socks detection
Summary:The detection of Proxy Type doesn't work.
Date:2011-09-10 03:35:19
Update:2013-02-25 11:48:34

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Andy - 2011-09-10 03:35:19
Hi Stanislav

First i want to say thanks for that nice class. I use it for my own private mysql database of proxy servers to keep it actual, create latenzy stats, uptime stats a.s.o.

The only thing doesn't work for me is the ['TYPE'] that show Always HTTP. But i know, a lot of the servers in my DB are socks. I didn't find out why the class did not detect them as socks proxy. My next step is to look on curl to find out whats goeing on. Did curl automatikaly fallback to socks if http fails but the class has only did the http test first an it succseed?

Sorry about my bad english.

Have you any hint for me to make this working? I have to know if it is an http or socks server because i create an automatic output file for proxychain, privoxy, ... with an explicit spec of type

greets from germany,

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Stanislav Afanasiev - 2011-09-20 13:31:48 - In reply to message 1 from Andy
Hello Andi.

Thank you for request, can you send me one or two your socks for check in private messages?

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Szise - 2013-02-25 11:48:34 - In reply to message 2 from Stanislav Afanasiev
Same problem, the proxy detection is working only for HTTP proxies not for SOCKS4/5. By the way, thank you for the great script.