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Help: Multiple variables and different rules

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Subject:Help: Multiple variables and...
Summary:Question about a relatively complex set of rules
Date:2013-02-15 18:36:18
Update:2013-02-20 07:46:38

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Monica - 2013-02-15 18:36:18

I have 6 different input variables. 2 sets of rules relate 2 of those input variables and the other 2 variables are in separate rules.

I've created all these rules. But when I try to get an output value, it only seems to take into consideration the rules that only involve 1 input variable.

The multiple variable rules are of this kind:
$x->addRule('IF a.unacceptable AND (b.positive OR (b.veryPositive OR b.excellent)) THEN score.unlikely');

The first question is: is fuzzy-logic-class.php able to evaluate an output variable based on multiple variables in different and unrelated rules? Seems likely as it seems to work for the 2 input variables that aren't related to anything.

The second question is: is fuzzy-logic-class.php able to understand bigger rules relating more than one input variables?

I'd really appreciate any kind of help on this. If necessary I can email you the whole class.

Thank you very much!

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Wojtek Jarzecki - 2013-02-20 07:46:38 - In reply to message 1 from Monica
Hello, Monica

For a long time I did not work on the development of this class. Last time I using on this template PHP class, fuzzy-logic system was preparing for MetaTrader Forex market in mql4 language. At the time of this work I noticed a few improvements. I'll try to help you.
Send me your class on email : lottocad @ gmail dot com I'll try to help.