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Not working anywhere...

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Subject:Not working anywhere...
Summary:Works in US, not works in Hungary
Author:George Gall
Date:2011-08-13 15:56:40
Update:2011-08-14 10:06:28

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George Gall - 2011-08-13 15:56:41
I am looking for a similar script for a long time ago, so I am very happy with Yours. My only problem is, that the script works well for example on american server, but I have get Not found! answer for example on hungarian server. I didn't modify Your original files. Could You give me any solution?

Thanks in advanced!

Best regards,

George G.

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Hamed Afshar - 2011-08-14 10:06:29 - In reply to message 1 from George Gall
Please widen the search area.
$RankChecker=new RankChecker(1,5);
change the last page from 5 to like 10 or 15.

also, test it with some more obvious searches. eg:

Probably from Hungarian IPs, your website has lower ranks and therefore, this script can't find it in the search area that you're specified.

Unfortunately, I don't have any Hungarian server to check it myself.