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i could not configure it

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Subject:i could not configure it
Summary:i could not configure it
Author:wadie aroua
Date:2012-04-20 20:08:05
Update:2012-05-17 15:13:12

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wadie aroua - 2012-04-20 20:08:05
hi there ,
good work , code is clean , dynamic , but it is too diffucult to configure , can you help me doing that essentially with the pattern path, so i will install it on localhost/target/index.php and localhost/target/devfront/ , so what are the setting to configure , it shows me the index of localhost

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Gergely Aradszki - 2012-05-17 15:13:13 - In reply to message 1 from wadie aroua

Sorry for the late answer.
I've updated the settings page with some tooltips, hope they will make it a bit clearer.
Anyway, to use the devfront for the "target" directory, you should set the path to "/path/to/target", and the patternt to "%HOST%/target/%FOLDER%/"

The system will replace %HOST% with localhost (or the servers IP address if you check from an other machine), and also replace %FOLDER% with the namse of the directories.

And don't forget to set the path in index.php:
new Devfront('/target/devfront/');

Maybe a small installer script would not be bad at all...