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Thank You !

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Subject:Thank You !
Summary:Great Work
Date:2012-10-12 07:35:35

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Picture of avahaf avahaf - 2012-10-12 07:35:35

Great work you did. It should be useful for all php users.

Keep continue posting new codes .

Thank you very much.

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Picture of Thanos Katsaros Thanos Katsaros - 2015-02-18 14:04:23 - In reply to message 1 from avahaf
Hello, my name is Thanos Katsaros, many congratulations for your great work.
I’m developing an intranet project (employees leaves management system), using PHP & MySQL.

Besides any other procedure, I’m asked to implement a digitally-signed-PDF-creating process, which will run each time an employee’s leave is approved, as described in the scenario below:
• Step 1: Employee A, who wants to apply for a leave, is entering the system using his/her digital certificate/signature (usb or smart card token) – currently, system requires username & a password.
• Step 2: Employee A is applying his/her request & system is instantly informing the next-responsible-to-approve-leaves employee by e-mail, e.g. employee’s A manager / supervisor (named employee B).
• Step 3: Employee B, who’s been informed by e-mail about the pending employee’s A leave request, is entering the system using his/her digital certificate/signature, as well.
Supposing he/she is accepting employee’s A request, he/she is approving the requested leave.
• Step 4 – Final step: A PDF is created, digitally signed by employee’s B digital certificate/signature, while system informs employee A by e-mail that his/her leave request is approved.

At the moment, PDF creating process is implemented using FPDF for the creation of a simple approved-leave A4-sized PDF.

In conclusion, I’m strongly interested in finding a PHP library / set of functions, so as to further use employees’ digital signature equipment to perform operations as previously described (user login, FPDF-created-PDF documents signing).

Is solution used for that or not? Would you suggest something else?

Many thanks, Thanos.