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New to php5 - soap - wsdl coding combination

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Subject:New to php5 - soap - wsdl coding...
Summary:hello sir, need help on making your sample code work
Author:Alfred Balles
Date:2013-05-16 06:01:54

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Alfred Balles - 2013-05-16 06:01:54
Hello Sir,

I'm just new to this kind of combination of codes.

We are using WordPress with WooCommerce plugin, but their FedEx option there only calculates shipping rates.

My client wants to pass the checkout data to FedEx right after a checkout process. And then request a pick-up delivery from FedEx.

I have seen your sample code but I can't seem to make it work.

This is the error:
String:Could not connect to host

Notice: Undefined variable: response in /home/quantum/public_html/grasspotty/fedex/sample/modules/pickup/availability_pickup.php on line 61

I have already set this values on

$this->account = "510087488";
$this->meter = "118577640";
$this->key = "E46g2hL0lZbSMQGz";
$this->password = "NG1CaMcNwcWdOKx53j9fkNABr";

but I can't still make the sample code work. can you help me out sir?