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Fix base convert issues (PHP on IIS and possible other issues)

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Subject:Fix base convert issues (PHP on IIS...
Summary:fix Issues with base_convert with large integers
Author:james greene
Date:2015-02-27 17:42:32

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Picture of james greene james greene - 2015-02-27 17:42:32
I had run into an issue where my keys would not validate on my IIS server using PHP but worked fine on Apache.

I fixed this by replacing the base_convert function with this one. ...

In the license_key.class.php file:
-Do search/replace for "base_convert" to "$this->str_baseconvert"
-Then copy and paste the function posted into the class

(so you don't replace the base_convert function inside str_baseconvert)

I found this gave me perfect results across all platforms.