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Summary:similar classes exist. What new functionality is provided?
Date:2014-03-20 20:09:38
Update:2014-03-20 22:38:44


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Picture of Yakim Yakim - 2014-03-20 20:09:38
The class would be more useful if the fn "recognized" additional browsers, especially if it were deployed on a linux-oriented website.
chromium (distinctly separate from Google Chrome)
iceweasel (distinctly separate from firefox)

iceape, icecat, gnuzilla, k-meleon probably don't have enough market share to merit separate recognition... but it might be useful to separately recognize some of the "minimalistic" (elinks, dillo, hv3, links, links2, netsurf) browser b/c we likely want to differently handle requests from those users


For a given use, How old is OLD?
We can parse the version info without the need for the-another a class method, so what merit, what new functionality, does this fn offer? As is, nearly none. Perhaps have the fn accept args, so that minVer can be passed in. Incidentally, what changed significantly b/t ff v3 and v4? I recall a HUGE change between v2.20 and v3, but not much functional change (breaking addons) when v4 emerged.


What I've mentioned above still only addresses the desktop user audience.

For use with a site serving tablet / mobile users, more highly granular useragent "recognition" is probably essential functionality, beginning with, for instance, 'Safari iPad' => 'iPad'

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Picture of Eduardo "Trial Force" Bonfandini Eduardo "Trial Force" Bonfandini - 2014-03-20 22:38:44 - In reply to message 1 from Yakim
Hi Yakim!

First, thanks for evaluate my class.

The objective of this class is to create a initial structure to future implementations.

I will create an complete analytcs framework in php (open source), this class is only the beginning.

Now, this is the first version, more browsers and features will be added soon, and a big list of recognized user agents.

I will take your list, and add support for all the browsers you listed, but you need (will test in linux environment).

I will add to support for bits detection too.

About the isOldBrowser(), i used it in a application, it is specific, but yoru sugestion is really good, i will improve it.

I will improve mobile platform support too, android firefox, ipad and iphone.

Really, thanks for your opnion, in some days we will talk again!