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Subject:New Email Function
Summary:New Email Alter/Forward Class for Email needed.
Date:2007-04-28 06:21:06
Update:2007-04-28 07:05:18

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Cwagner - 2007-04-28 06:21:06
This isn't directed at this current class but is related. I'd like to recommend/request a new class be developed. I have a need for (and feel other could benefit from) a class that could open a mailbox, inspect for email, ALTER messages as needed and FORWARD to new mailbox .

I'm working on help desk software. Imagine a central help desk address

The class needs to open the mailbox. Save the current subject line into the body and then allow the subject line to be relabled. Example of new subject: "Attention: Email from CEO's Admin assistant." Save the true subject into the body and then forward it to a new address (which will be the correct support area/person).

What I really need is simpler software to 'forward' a message. Currently I'm doing all that I've mentioned above using Mitul's and Lemos' software but it seem so heavy for the operation required. The problem is user attachedments. I have to basically deconstruct and reconstruct every email and attachment. So it boils down to simplifying the sofware. 'Alter and forward' (don't need to rebuild do I). How simple can we make it?

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Manuel Lemos - 2007-04-28 07:05:18 - In reply to message 1 from Cwagner
This class can already forward messages. See the test_forwarding_message.php example.

If you want to extract the original message subject to use in the forwarded message, you may want to try parsing the message using the MIME parser class: