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Subject:Package specifications
Summary:I need to here more about this Package specifications
Date:2018-09-03 09:10:39


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Picture of behnamy behnamy - 2018-09-03 09:10:39
Hi, would you tell me more about the Package specifications? I wanna know it's limitations, and would you compare it with percona? I know exactly what is percona is and it's limitations.

These are my needs:
1- I have 3 Geographically distributed servers which I want to sync them, my load balancer sends requests to these servers randomly.

2- I want to use InnoDB (Not preferred to use NDB Cluster engine of MySQL Cluster), also I have some in-memory tables, but not that much important to use memory tables, I can switch to InnoDB.

3- I want something hidden to application layer, I want to INSERT/SELECT and etc... like before, without changing my codes.

4- I want something master/master replication or sync or whatever for when each of my master servers goes down no failure happens, Does your package has any node failure detection in it?

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.