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Summary:Is this site intentionaly this ugly?
Author:Jim Isaacs
Date:2009-04-16 19:48:51
Update:2010-10-11 20:47:17
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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2010-10-11 20:47:17 - In reply to message 10 from Elad Nava
First, regardless of your complaints, being arrogant and disrespectful is not going to make you help anybody here.

There are plenty of ways of reporting things that may not look right, but you have chosen a tone that just makes you look immature and arrogant, as you seem to be claiming as if you know it all and whoever developed the site does not know anything.

This is a site that is provided on a good will basis. Criticisms are fine as long as you are able to express yourself with respect. Otherwise, you will be ignored.

As for your criticisms, this is site is very busy mainly because it is too popular. If you access it at traffic peak hours, it may be slower than usual, especially when there is background activity competing for CPU and RAM in the server.

There are some initiatives being tried to throttle background activities when the server load is already too high. It may take a while to see some progress, but definitely this issue is being tackled since some time ago.

As for the site content, it is never served in an iframe. Some ads use iframes to not delay further page loading but that is not under the control of the site, as the ad tags are defined by third party ad agencies and we cannot change them.

Obviously nobody comes to the site to see advertising. Unfortunately advertising is necessary to keep the site financially viable. This means that the site would have to shut down if it was not for the advertising revenue.

If you find advertising unbearable, you always have the alternative of getting a premium subscription, and so access the site without advertising among other benefits. That way, you will help yourself in having a better site experience and also help the site becoming more viable without advertising.

Anyway, by coincidence a new approach is being experimented to delay the loading of advertising and widgets that require retrieving remote content that delay the page loading.

So far I can tell you it works great with Google Chrome. Lets see how it goes with other browsers. If all goes well, in a few days it will be deployed to the whole site and you may notice significant page loading improvements.

Meanwhile please be patient. It is in interest of the site to make the user experience better. Feel free to continue to send your feedback in a respectful way.

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