Reputation and Privileges system

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Subject:Reputation and Privileges system
Summary:Propose and discuss the site reputation of privileges system
Author:Manuel Lemos
Date:2012-06-26 10:44:08
Update:2012-06-27 02:54:03

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2012-06-26 10:44:28
The PHP Classes site will be having a unified reputation and privileges system that aims to distinguish and reward users that make different types of contributions of the site.

Please send your suggestions and questions about reputation criteria and eventual privileges that users may benefit for the reputation they earn.

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Picture of Arturs Sosins Arturs Sosins - 2012-06-26 22:35:41 - In reply to message 1 from Manuel Lemos

So what kind of suggestions are needed?
I guess there should be a list of actions that will generate rating. Can new actions be added, or only existing ones on the site?

And next thing that would probably be needed is the list of desired privileges. Anything else?

So here are some random ideas in no particular order. Don't know if any of them are possible or are hard to implement.

Actions to gain reputation(in ascending order):
Daily login
Post a comment
Get your class downloaded (per unique download)
Rate Class/Book
Refer a member
Post a class blog
Get your post featured
Submit a book review
Submit a class
Submit notable class
Refer an author
Get class reused by others
Innovation award nominee (depends on place)
Win Innovation of the year

Ability to Test submitted, but not yet approved packages
Reduced approval time for users with specific status
Premium account
Detailed statistics (similar to what is inside contributors report only available on site)

Js script with icon/badge to put on website, representing your status

If anything else comes to mind will post here ;)

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2012-06-27 02:54:03 - In reply to message 2 from Arturs Sosins
Thank for the suggestions.

The idea is to assign some points to actions that users may perform on the site and contribute to make the site more useful to everybody.

Then depending on the accumulated points, users may be entitled to certain privileges. Nothing new really, you may have seen similar reputation systems in other sites.

The actions include most of what you suggested although there may be difficulties to assign points to all those actions in a fair way to all users because in the past the site did not track all those actions, so it may be unfair to long time users.

That may be the case of user logins. The site did not keep track of all the logins the users did in the past.

The privileges may be those that you mentioned and more to be defined. Privileges from premimum subscriptions may even be provided individually.

Just let me know if you have more suggestions to other actions to be valued and privileges that the users may be interested to obtain.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.