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Multiple currencies with worldpay

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Subject:Multiple currencies with worldpay
Summary:I want to our own prices on worldpay...
Author:Rakesh Gupta
Date:2008-12-11 11:56:45
Update:2008-12-12 03:54:30

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Rakesh Gupta - 2008-12-11 15:18:35
I have my account setup on worldpay with multiple currency options.

We currently have the option to take payments in the following currencies:
Pound Sterling
US Dollars

This works on a conversion rate on worldpay.

We are planning to change the structure of our website so that we hold individual prices for the three currencies for each product. Now i want to send these all three prices on worldpay so we can show these prices that our website has not using any conversion feeds on worldpay payment pages.

can this be done...

Thanks in advance

Rakesh Gupta

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