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Sockets without a Daemon

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Subject:Sockets without a Daemon
Summary:Chat, Daemons, Sockets, Push, etc.
Author:Arnold Shore
Date:2008-12-16 12:38:09
Update:2008-12-18 04:19:57

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Arnold Shore - 2008-12-16 18:47:21
I haven't yet tried to code up an example of what I'm trying to do, and mebbe that will surface the issues, but I'll certainly appreciate any contribution fm the collective brain-power on this list. So here goes:

I want a simple CHAT, implemented using only PHP and JS, and I want it to send entered data to other connected 'chatters' at 'submit' time - *NOT* based on timed poll. The chat function wd be only among client/users on a single server; let's say User A on port A and user B on port B.

Which then implies some kind of server-push, and I'm OK with that given Comet, slow-load XHR, etc. available client-side. That is, user B has a socket_listen active, which can satisfy B's XHR with data originating fm user A's POST.

Given the above, does this really need a daemon operation running 24x7, given the availability of sockets functions for server-side user-to-user communications? What problem do daemons solve that I don't see, other than access from some remote server, which I'm ruling out here.

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