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extracting data from sql with php

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Subject:extracting data from sql with php
Summary:displaying data into one collum
Author:Jake Koh
Date:2009-01-02 06:12:50
Update:2009-01-08 01:01:03

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Jake Koh - 2009-01-02 06:21:00
i have a problem.

Data(images with texts) stored in mySQL database table named `soe`

images row 1 - 6 entries in database.
output displayed at web : img1 - img2 - img3 - img4 - img5 - img6

images row 2 - 5entries named a1-5 in database tag with img1.
explination: these 5 entries will be displayed under img1.

images row 2 - 4entries named b1-4 in database tag with img2.
images row 2 - 1entry named c1 in database tag with img6.

output display at web should be:

img1 - img2 - img3 - img4 - img5 - img6
a1 - b1 - - - - c1
a2 - b2 - - - -
a3 - b3 - - - -
a4 - b4 - - - -
a5 - - - - -

i have problems displaying as of above... all i get is a1-5 overlapping each other positioned at a1 position.

i'm using coordinates to position the images.

is there anyone who could shed some light on how to fix this problem?

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