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Working with DBF files

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Subject:Working with DBF files
Summary:access to a remote DBF file using PHP
Date:2009-01-06 20:15:26
Update:2009-01-07 04:19:42

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Vanessa - 2009-01-06 20:20:44
I'm working on a project and at some point i need to access some .DBF files, read them and fill my MYSQL tables with the data from the DBF files.

I'm using the DBF_Class.php I downloaded from this website to read the DBF files, and it works great if I upload the .DBF files on my server...but when i try to acces the .DBF file located on remote server I get the "Not a valid DBF file !!!" message.

Any ideas on how to open a remote .DBF file??

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