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Subject:Select and Insert
Summary:Using the results of a Select Query as data for Insert Query.
Author:Dave Munro
Date:2009-01-14 16:40:04
Update:2009-01-16 10:02:22

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Dave Munro - 2009-01-14 17:36:08
As someone who has just started working with PHP and MYSQL I have little experience, as a result this problem may be relatively simple for others to answer - but I am having some problems with it.

I have used the ezsql class for the queries that I hve created and all works very well, however what I would now like to try would seem to be beyond my current abilities.

The selection form is a simple Options Form, the select query could be one of several but following is an example;

if ($Stype=='regno'){$request=("SELECT scrape_id AS 'Scrape Number', reg_no AS 'Registration', mfr_name AS 'Manufacturer', model AS 'Model or Type', con_no AS 'Con Number', owner AS 'Owner or Operator', status AS 'Status', faadate AS 'Last Reported Date' FROM scrape, type WHERE type_key=type_id AND reg_no='$sstr' ORDER BY faadate");}

The PHP used to display the results is;

echo "Your search for '$sstr' produced the following results.";

$data = $db->get_results($request);


The result set could be many row of data, the question is :-

How could I add a check box to the end of each row of data and a submit button to the bottom of the results such that when one or more rows is checked the results could be submitted to an other table?


Dave Munro

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