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Subject:Best practice for global website...
Summary:How to store website configuration data
Date:2012-11-25 11:03:45
Update:2012-12-02 18:29:34

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TomVW - 2012-11-26 00:05:44
I'm creating a simple website for a club and I was wondering how to save some global configuration data without asking them to edit PHP-files.
For instance, the welcome message at the home-page or the information on the about-page should be dynamic in my point of view, and I would like to give them the option to change those pages.

My question is: how should I save this data? I can write it to a (PHP) file or a database but I'm not sure what the best practice is.
I suppose that the straight forward solution is the file option, since there will be only one about-page or one welcome message.

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