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Subject:Notice: Undefined index:
Summary:Does this matter re: code execution time?
Author:Ted Rader
Date:2012-12-20 00:39:11
Update:2013-07-22 12:06:28

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Ted Rader - 2012-12-20 01:13:28
I'm using WordPress, and I get this in a custom plugin I created. I understand why this occurs, my question is "does it matter?"

$arr = array(
'a' => 'abc',
'b' => 'xyz'

if ($arr['c'] == 'whatever') {
// do something

Since $arr['c'] doesn't exist, a notice will appear if WordPress's debug is set to true.

Assuming WordPress debug is set to false (and notice will not appear), is it better to use:

if (array_key_exists('c', $arr) && $arr['c'] == 'whatever') {
// do something

What are the negatives of NOT checking if the key exists? Which way is recommended?

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