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Creating a month report

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Subject:Creating a month report
Summary:Php or something else for creating a month report
Author:J. Brussee
Date:2013-01-16 20:59:15
Update:2013-01-24 13:12:43

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J. Brussee - 2013-01-16 22:26:51
I have made an application that uses an MS SQL database table_measured_values (600 sensors, each sensor up to 50.000 samples) for extracting data, then i make a lot of calculations in php and then store the data in MS SQL database table_month_results.
To keep this process alive i ping from one to another webpage on my web server.
The problem with this "solution" is:
1) it's takes about 4 hours till the proces is done.
2) but worse, i sometimes miss 2 or 3 sensors and then these sensors have to be found and done manual..
Are there any suggestions for continuing on the php path are should i start learning about stored procedures on MS SQL server 2005/8?

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