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Subject:SMS from PHP site
Summary:SMS functionality to PHP site
Author:Boris Sayfuddin
Date:2013-01-17 10:30:49
Update:2013-07-20 13:32:02

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Boris Sayfuddin - 2013-01-17 10:46:53
I have an idea to add SMS functionality to a PHP website. The idea I may use is to have an HTML form, that allows the website visitor to enter a phone number and the message text. This HTML form can be submitted by clicking on a button. After submitting the form variables will be processed by a PHP script. This PHP script will post the SMS message to the an OzekiSMS Gateway (it will send and receive messages, I was suggested to use this).
HTML Form will be used to get the recipient telephone number and the message text from the website visitors. Source of the html file:


<h1>My SMS form</h1>
<form method=post action='sendsms.php'>
<table border=0>
<td><input type='text' name='recipient'></td>
<td><textarea rows=4 cols=40 name='message'></textarea></td>
<td> </td>
<td><input type=submit name=submit value=Send></td>

The php script will get the recipient, message fields from the HTML form and will build a URL to send the SMS message. This URL will pass the SMS message to the OzekiSMS gateway. The URL is invoked in the PHP script using the file command.

Do you think it is an easy way to do it or do you have any other idea?

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