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mysql5 php script query not working .. works in mysql3

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Subject:mysql5 php script query not working...
Summary:could really us help with why data is not printed ... with query
Date:2013-02-22 20:48:44
Update:2013-02-28 21:46:34

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Kirsten - 2013-02-23 03:57:31
$sqlconn = mysql_connect ("", "medschool_xer", "********")or die ("Could not connect");

$result=mysql_db_query("medschool","select id,Name,Sponsor,Eligibility,Awards,Deadline,Contact,Email,Phone,Address,Website,Fax from slusom_funding where Name='$search' group by Name ASC;", $sqlconn);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($result))
if ($td == "0")
echo "<tr BGCOLOR=\"white\">";
else {
echo "<tr BGCOLOR=\"#f1f1f1\">";
echo "<td align='left' valign=top><font face='Arial,Helvetica' size='2'>\n";
echo "<a href='view_scholarship.php?id=" . $row["id"] . "'><b>" . $row["Name"] . "</b></a></td>\n";
echo "<td align='left' valign=top class=sfs><b class=sfs>Deadline: </b>" . $row["Deadline"] . "<br><b class=sfs>Contact:</b> &nbsp;&nbsp;" . $row["Contact"] . "<br>\n";
echo " " . $row["Phone"] . "<br>\n";
echo " " . $row["Fax"] . "<br><a href='mailto:" .$row["Email"] . "'>" . $row["Email"] . "</a> </font></td>\n";
echo "</tr>\n";

What that heck is wrong.
when this works to view search results by name etc. in mysql3..
I really could use some direction and an example. to migrate to the newest version mysql5
Thanks for your help

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