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Accessing an USB port with PHP

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Subject:Accessing an USB port with PHP
Summary:USB and PHP
Author:Catalin Varlan
Date:2013-03-21 13:36:04
Update:2013-07-20 13:26:32

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Catalin Varlan - 2013-03-21 17:43:52
Hi everybody,
I am not sure if here is the best place to ask my question because is in "twilight zone".
It is, first of all, about PHP but there is a Linux machine and the Apache.
I already do some little things around with php sending/receiving data through serial port (tty) from a web page.
Now the question: how can I do the same with USB (not USB to serial!).
Example: send/receive data to/from a Bluetooth dongle on USB port, access the memory stored on a USB key, accessing the stream from a USB webcam, etc...

Thank you for your time,

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