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Subject:Price Comparison Suggestion
Summary:How to design code for a hotel price comparison site
Author:Pete Clark
Date:2013-06-02 15:22:45
Update:2013-07-21 13:44:08

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Pete Clark - 2013-06-03 02:22:37
I have a client, and I can't see how their concept could work.

The website is to offer hotel rooms through third party booking engines.

At present, they go to their supplier, with a query, "want single room for 2 adults and 1 child, 17th to 25th, in the town of x" and a list of hotels is returned.

Simple enough to deal with XML result.

HOWEVER, now they want to add two or three other suppliers, and mix the results, only showing the least expensive option for each hotel.

So, I would need to get the XML from (perhaps) 3 different suppliers, and when the XML is returned, sort it by Hotel Name and Price, and only show the least expensive.

There is also the possibility that some hotels will have different names from different suppliers for the sane hotel ("The Adams Family Hotel", "Adams Family Hotel", "Adam Family Hotel"), and some suppliers list the same hotel in different areas ("London", "Downtown London", "London Centre", "Westminster"), so requiring each hotel checks a lookup table as well.

I think that this will just take too long.

Any suggestions?

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