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Not submitting more than 625 elements in html and php

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Subject:Not submitting more than 625...
Summary:Not submitting more than 625 elements in html and php
Author:Asim Inayat
Date:2013-09-17 09:59:47
Update:2013-11-01 09:24:48

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Asim Inayat - 2013-09-17 10:09:09
I m saving a list of elements which are created using a loop. When i save the values of those elements by submitting the form. i found out that it is not posting more than 625 elements. I have increased post_max_size and also memory_limit of php and also tested that it is implemented. But finally i found out that the form submitted from html has limit of 625 elements to post. Is this finding correct? Is there any such thing like limit of elements in html or php? Can someone recommend a solution for it? Also I cannot put the data of 2 inputs in 1 input.

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