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Subject:about ajaxfileuploader
Summary:message is blinking after successful file upload
Author:Aakanksha Bhujbal
Date:2013-09-20 12:19:05
Update:2013-09-20 20:25:45

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Aakanksha Bhujbal - 2013-09-20 20:25:45
I have 2 questions with ajaxfileuploader

1. I am using ajaxfileuploader which i downloaded today from PHP Classes. Code works fine for me, image get uploaded, I am getting correct URL. But when I use that code for my site it starts blinking. it shows image URL and message uploading please wait.. Image is uploaded already but still it is showing this message. Why this is happening?

2. I am using CKEditor in my page with PHPClasses ajaxfileuploader. When editor is open i.e. its instance is created image gets uploaded but i got error as: "Uncaught TypeError: Object http:// has no method 'open' ".
Why I am getting this error?

Please help me please