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Using Header("Location: ")

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Subject:Using Header("Location: ")
Summary:Can't figure this one out
Author:Stephen Jennings
Date:2013-11-05 05:33:52
Update:2013-11-14 15:15:19

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Stephen Jennings - 2013-11-05 05:33:52
The top header location works...the next one doesn't...Note the echo statement and I have var_dump() for status of variables...I have checked all my paths a dozen times, like I said the top one works...this is used on my form processing page to check validation a rare circumstance that I don't believe will happen often...but i want to make sure I cover it.
I cannot get the second location to work. I am not outputing anything before it and I have checked with echo statement many times. Any pointers..thanks


if (!($paid == "129" || $paid == "149")) {


if (empty($ver))
if($paid == "129")
//echo("you are in the second if");

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