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iTunes id3 Tagging from PHP

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Subject:iTunes id3 Tagging from PHP
Summary:Is this even possible?
Author:Douglas Brown
Date:2014-01-02 13:37:52
Update:2014-01-09 16:10:57

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Douglas Brown - 2014-01-02 13:37:53
Hey Guys,

I have a large itunes database and I would like to make a program to update the id3 tags of all movies/tv shows/music via a php script.

Getting the information to update the file id3 tags is the easy part. Updating the itunes id3 tag is the difficult part from which I can't find any examples on the internet. So this kind of makes me think that it isn't even possible.

I have found a handful of examples that do this with PHP but use AppleScripts in conjunction. My iTunes is running off Windows though so I don't believe that is possible.

Anyway, I just wanted to reach out to the experts and see if this is even possible and if it is, do any of you know where I might find an example?


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