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Subject:Master Programmer Characteristics
Summary:What does the term, "Master Programmer", evoke in you?
Author:Michael J. Fuhrman
Date:2014-02-15 17:41:35
Update:2014-03-01 16:48:02

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Michael J. Fuhrman - 2014-02-15 17:41:36
This person, from the perspective of a Martial Arts master, has so much programming experience that programming, and their explanations of their decisions, strategies, and methods are easily understand. I've seen these types of masters in different arts: Jujitsu, Security, Project Management, and Leadership to name a few. So, what should a Master Programmer know, and what characteristics should Master Programmer have?

Some of the categories that I've considered are:

Technically Articulate
Creative, Inspirational, and Motivational
Decision Making Process
Problem Understanding Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Systems Analysis
Project Management
Team Building Skills
Enterprise Coding Standards
Scalable Application Design
Object Oriented Programming
Design Guides
Pair Coding
Unit Testing

Looking forward to your thoughts

PS ... cross posting in other development groups. I'm very curious to see what the answers.

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