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PHP threading, your support needed.

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Subject:PHP threading, your support needed.
Summary:Strong interest in PHP community thrusts quicker development.
Author:Nick Jones
Date:2014-04-01 01:56:33
Update:2014-04-03 18:12:05

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Nick Jones - 2014-04-01 02:12:52
Hello everybody,

Hope you are all well. It has been amazing to see how you actively contribute back to our community and made PHP a great language web development language. I heartily congratulate you all for your active participation in utilizing and contributing back to PHP community.

This message is to make sure that everyone of you know about Pthreads, a PHP threading concept initiated two years ago by Joe as Github project( There is a dedicated site for this where all updates are posted. You may check it out here: If you are a well versed developer in c language, kindly participate in this and give your ideas. I not good in c language though I review all code for pthreads(PHP). I appreciate everyone who are going to take part in this. Don't forget to hit 'star' button in github project page which makes it more visible and help others know about this amazing concept. Thank you for allowing me to post a message which should be globally spread and known for even better web development.

Nick, Chennai.

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