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Why PHP does not have this feature ?

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Subject:Why PHP does not have this feature ?
Summary:Why PHP does not have this feature ?
Author:Rodrigo Lebre
Date:2014-04-08 21:38:15
Update:2014-04-21 11:39:46

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Rodrigo Lebre - 2014-04-08 21:48:14
Hi.... first of all... sry for my english... im braziliam...

I use PHP for several years and can not understand why PHP does not have a native function to the code SECURITY owner.

I see some extensions such as Zend and yoncube but paid.

I recently saw one in the repository blenc extension called, which tries to do this but does not work properly.

For what reason it was not done yet a native extension for this purpose?

Thousands of programmers worldwide need this facility.

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