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How to store parsed xml data into my database/mysql

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Subject:How to store parsed xml data into my...
Summary:How to store parsed xml data into my sql using php
Author:punith r
Date:2014-07-27 18:08:42
Update:2014-09-23 19:44:11

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punith r - 2014-07-27 22:10:41
Hi everybody who read this message...
I have a form at which shows results if a proper roll number is entered... the results are fetched from site and only the table is shown... now i want to add the data of the table to my mysql/database.

Is there a way to do it..?

for example if the roll number entered is 1db13cs006

the page will show the results as

Subject External Internal Total Result
Software Architectures (10IS81) 67 25 92 P
System Modeling and Simulation (10CS82) 73 24 97 P
Software Testing (10CS842) 48 24 72 P
Information and Network Security (10CS835) 64 25 89 P
Project Work (10CS85) 97 95 192 P
Seminar (10CS86) 0 47 47 P

Total Marks: 589

now i want the data from this table to be stored to my database so that if the same roll number is searched again... the result should be shown from my database and not from My website is hosted by hostinger help me out pls..Smile | Smile | :)

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