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Invoice Printing without PDF display

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Subject:Invoice Printing without PDF display
Summary:invoice should be limited to only one print, one print / invoice
Author:Mian Muhammad Asad Farooq
Date:2016-10-07 11:20:55
Update:2016-10-07 19:34:51

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Mian Muhammad Asad Farooq - 2016-10-07 19:34:51
I have a php application,it prints invoices,i am using tcpdf to create PDFs, invoice is generated in form of pdf and users send print to printer than.

In order avoid frauds(owing to my business model), i would like to limit the print to only one print per invoice.

Is there any way in php to send print directly to printer without pdf being displayed on user end?

Please help me in this regard.


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