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Subject:imap access to gmail
Summary:too many login failures
Author:Paul Beaudoin
Date:2021-09-23 00:07:06
Update:2021-10-06 21:22:30

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Picture of Paul Beaudoin Paul Beaudoin - 2021-09-23 00:17:19
'too many login failures'
I've been at this for a while now and can't get past the error quoted.

This is the connect string:
$imap = imap_open($hostname, $username, $password) or die('Cannot connect to Gmail: ' . imap_last_error());
$hostname = '{}INBOX';
$username = '';
$password = 'xxx';

Username and pass are verified by loging in from the browser.

I have enabled imap in php.ini; enabled less secure apps in google, used the links found to unlock the account. This is the 2nd account I've used to try and resolve but always the same error. This worked up to some months ago and been at it off and on since. I'd really like to get this resolved. I've been all over the net and followed various suggestions all producing the same result. Can someone please point out my error?

Many thanks

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