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need help in design of RIA application

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Subject:need help in design of RIA application
Summary:RIA application Design
Author:Faisal Rajput
Date:2009-03-05 14:34:49
Update:2009-03-11 17:12:32

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Faisal Rajput - 2009-03-05 19:01:36
I am a developer having used Java and .NET for building different application and i am fairly new to PHP.
I have to develop a RIA based on PHP, but the requirement is that its front end should be in Ext JS.
I need to know how can i communicate with PHP data to Ext JS. Previosuly, I have used XMLRPC alot in building communication between Java and .NET applications.
I am also thinking to use XMLRPC with php, but want some idea, if anyone has.
ExtJS is a javascript library for the frontend. I have used Flex before.
Some Suggestions ?

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