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Send Variable POST on HTTPS external Form

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Subject:Send Variable POST on HTTPS external...
Summary:Send POST on external HTTPS site
Date:2009-03-06 23:33:40
Update:2009-03-08 03:41:52

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SaruzzU - 2009-03-07 00:34:45
i m develop for some time with PHP, have recently stumbled into a problem that alone can not solve.

Should I find one page of data, then a normal parsing, the problem lies in the fact that the page requires authentication using POST and everything under HTTPS.

In summary the steps are

Login sending a page to HTTPS POST variables (feasible with PEAR)
redirect to the page of data
Sending POST variable search
Page Parsing

My block is between the first and second STEP, I can not keep the SSL connection and then the consequent impossibility when the redirect.

What is a scenario resolvable, and if you with that method?

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