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PHP Job: Build SaaS that provides disposable WordPress (Los Angeles - May work remotely)

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Title: Build SaaS that provides disposable WordPress

Summary:We are hiring an experienced WordPress developer to work on a new service that powers our plugins.

We are a remote, distributed company, with team members in Europe, Asia, and North America.
Post date:2017-04-01
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Country:United States
May telecommute:Yes (May work remotely)
Description:You will be building the backend API and infrastructure that allows users to manage their installs.

You will work alongside an expert-level systems engineer and have access to a WordPress developer who's worked on the project for over two years.

You will play as large a role as possible in implementing the frontend, working with a frontend developer when necessary.

We believe in asynchronous communication, brevity, personal responsibility, honest feedback, and brutal prioritization.

We are looking for a developer with experience navigating complicated server stacks, working with custom databases, developing APIs, who has expert level knowledge of WordPress.

This is not an entry level position. Agencies, hiring managers, teams, or anyone who is not an experienced developer will not be considered.

* Flexibility

We are a small team but we try to give everyone as much flexibility as possible. Flexibility means that you can work in the mornings, or the evenings, or both, or in the middle of the night, or whatever. It means you can take two weeks off to go on a trip. It means you can wake up and decide you don't feel like working and take the day off without telling anyone.

It doesn't mean you can work 20hrs more than normal one week and then 5hrs the next without telling anyone. It doesn't mean that you can work two 15 hour days and then take the rest of the week off without telling anyone.

* Responsibilities

Turning specs into working, testable features that look great and work as expected
Working with a systems engineer in a complicated server environment
Implementing a frontend and working with a frontend developer when necessary
Utilizing automated tests in staging environments before deployment
Potentially working on short notice to fix an urgent issue
Leaving things cleaner than you found them
Being ok with your ideas being shot down or shelved
Communicating in a clear, concise, and timely manner

* What are your chances of getting this job?

If you have professional, verifiable experience navigating complicated server clusters, working with custom databases, and writing WordPress plugins then you will be on a very short list of candidates.

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Candidate requirements

PHP developer:Yes
PHP:1 year
WordPress:1 year

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