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PHP Job: Work a Laravel application (Taoyuan - May work remotely)

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Title: Work a Laravel application

Summary:We need a PHP developer to work on a Laravel application using existing PHP code that I developed.
Post date:2019-06-21
May telecommute:Yes (May work remotely)
Description:A few relevant facts about this project:

1. Because my English ability is not good, I read slowly any messages you send me.
2. I am currently using a program written in PHP and some JavaScript. The user interface is an image file displayed in Chinese. Therefore, you must search for the English original meaning of the operation interface (button, field name....), or I can simply attach the instructions to it.
3. If you are interested in completing this requirement, I will send you the original file and database.
4. This is a fee payment management system for community residents.

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Candidate requirements

PHP developer:Yes
PHP:1 year and 1 month
Laravel:1 year and 1 month

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