PHP Job: Remote Software Engineer (Sacramento - May work remotely)

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Title: Remote Software Engineer

Summary:Our company is expanding its team of software engineers to accelerate the development of our Legislator contact tool.

We would like your help building new features and migrating our legacy PHP application to a new architecture that uses Laravel, React and TypeScript.

We are seeking engineering talent wherever it resides, so remote workers are welcome to apply.
Post date:2021-03-24
Location:Sacramento, CA
Country:United States
May telecommute:Yes (May work remotely)
Description:About Unearth

Unearth is a public affairs technology company undergoing a transformation from client services to SaaS.

We are in the early days of this evolution, moving aggressively toward our product focus.

Our team has worked on hundreds of winning advocacy and ballot measure campaigns, and the technology that you build here will power some of the most high-stakes political campaigns in America.

We have ambitious goals and pragmatic technology choices to ensure we can make a big impact with a small team of engineers.

Working at Unearth will allow you to be hands-on with every part of the stack.

About You

You are a motivated and experienced self-starter who can manage fast-changing priorities while writing production-stable code.

You have a solid grasp of React.js and PHP, object-oriented coding principles, and you’ve worked with single-page applications as well as full-stack server frameworks like Laravel previously.

What You’ll Do

- Add features and tests to our existing SaaS application for building legislator contact campaigns using Laravel and React.
- Build accessible, mobile-responsive user-interfaces that use semantic HTML and CSS-in-JS techniques.
- Refine and iterate on our embeddable widget where advocates submit messages to their legislators.
- Build our automated message delivery mechanisms, integrating with third-party services like MailGun and Twilio Voice.
- Migrate legacy PHP features to Laravel, adding test coverage as features are ported.
- Participate in the deployment of our application to Linux servers.
- Create and maintain internal tools that help accelerate the work of our public affairs team.
- Lay the foundation for our future greenfield products.

Our Stack

- Laravel + PHP
- React & Preact + TypeScript
- Ubuntu Linux


- Minimum two years of coding experience.
React.js experience.
- PHP competency.
- Git competency.
- Experience with at least one batteries-included MVC-style server framework (Laravel, Rails, Django, NestJS, etc).
- Foundational knowledge of MVC software architecture and basic understanding of SOLID principles.
- Functional knowledge of writing automated tests.
- A firm grasp of object-oriented coding principles.

Optional Skills

- Node.js + Express
- Flask + Python
- Linux systems administration
- Apache or NGINX
- Previous experience working with legacy code
- TypeScript (JS developers can learn on the job)
- UI Design
- Experience with distributed task queues such as Laravel queues or Celery
- Browser automation using Selenium or Puppeteer

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Candidate requirements

PHP developer:Yes
PHP 5:1 year and 1 month
JavaScript:2 years and 1 month
Laravel:1 year and 1 month
Version control
Git:1 year and 1 month

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For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.