PHP Job: Remote Backend Developer (Athens - May work remotely)

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Title: Remote Backend Developer

Summary:We are looking for a PHP backend developer to help businesses big and small, from the mom-and-pop store to large companies.

You need to have the ability to work remotely.
Post date:2021-07-09
Company:DataAutomation Inc.
Location:Athens, GA
Country:United States
May telecommute:Yes (May work remotely)
Description:Why Join Our Team?

Are you part of a nerdom/geekdom/fandom? Well, we probably have someone on our team who is a fellow member of that club!

At DataAutomation, our sense of community stretches outside of the workplace.

Even though we were working remotely before it was cool, we pride ourselves on knowing one another and supporting one another.

You’ll be helping businesses big and small, from the mom-and-pop store to large companies. We focus our efforts on giving back the number one commodity: time.

We provide these companies with time by helping them take manual tasks off their personal workload and putting them onto the strong shoulders of the internet.

DataAutomation has tapped into a specific product offering and service that is quickly growing.

You would have unlimited opportunities to grow with us as a team, but you would also directly affect the day-to-day operations.

We want you to be a part of our team, continue to learn, and continue to adapt to the needs of our clients and company.

Also, we want you to have a voice! We want to hear from you, hear your ideas, discuss possible improvements, etc.

At DataAutomation, you will not be a voiceless cog in the machine.

You have a unique set of skills to bring to the table, and we want to make sure we are all working in our areas of genius.

Did I mention we are remote? Whether life takes you or where your roots may be, you can take your job with you.

Qualities We’re Looking For:

- Someone who is willing and ready to put their development and scripting skills to the test.

- A willingness to work on larger, more complex collaborative projects.

- The ability to easily grab and manipulate data from any website or service.

- Someone who is highly organized, thoughtful, and not afraid to be challenged by what is possible with code.

- A deep understanding of how the software works as you use it.

- Strong creative problem-solving skills.

- An openness to constructive criticism as well as a willingness to improve.

- Strong written and verbal communication in English.


- Understand the ideal result of a task and suggest/provide creative solutions.

- Assist the sales team in scoping a project, providing time and resource estimates.

- Document your processes, comment on your code, and QA your and others’ code.

- Work with a project manager to receive and prioritize tasks.


- PHP coding experience - basic understanding of language counts.

- Experience with learning new languages and frameworks as needed.

- Basic knowledge of APIs and how they work.


- Competitive pay.

- Generous vacation/time-off policy.

- Ability to work remotely.

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Candidate requirements

PHP developer:Yes
PHP:1 year and 1 month

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For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.