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Hello this is the Weekly PHP Classes newsletter of Wednesday - 2017-03-22

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    • Latest PHP Classes blog posts

    • Notable PHP package: PHP INI Editor Class (2 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-20
      Summary: This INI format is very popular for storing and retrieving configuration information.

      There are many packages for editing INI files. This package provide an interactive way to edit INI files using Web forms to display and edit INI files sections and configuration values.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Macros-like in PHP 7.2 using Arrow Functions - 5 Minutes Lately in PHP podcast episode 81 (6 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-16
      Summary: One of the features proposed for PHP 7.2 or next PHP version is the arrow functions. This is somewhat similar to the macros that exist in other languages, although it is not exactly the same thing.

      This was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins on the episode 81 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

      In this episode they also talked about other proposals for future PHP versions like Deprecating bare words that are used as constant strings often by mistake, type checking when calling shared libraries with the FFI extension, a generic HMAC hashing function, namespaces for core extensions, support for strings with national characters for PDO prepared statements .

      This article also contains a podcast summary as a text transcript and a 5 minute video of the summary.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript text to learn more about these interesting PHP topics.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Termux API (7 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-15
      Summary: Termux is a Android application that allows running applications from a Linux shell. PHP can be run from Termux too.

      This class provides a wrapper to access to services provides by the Termux API app to access and control several aspects of an Android device.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Great Upcoming Technology Events From O'Reilly with Special Discounts for PHP Classes Users (8 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-14
      Summary: O'Reilly is a publisher well known among software developers for they extensive list of published books. They also organize great conferences.

      Read this article to learn about two upcoming events technology events on performance and Open Source software.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Media File Info (9 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-13
      Summary: PHP provides good file type detection methods using the fileinfo extension. However, that extension only detect the type of file and does not give much more information.

      This package provides means to not only detect the file types of audio and video files, but also extract several types of metadata like audio and video length, resolution, etc.. It supports many types of well known video and audio formats.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP CSS to Inline Styles (14 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-08
      Summary: When you want to send email messages formatted as HTML, usually the mail services will filter the CSS style sheets it may use for security reasons, thus making the message be rendered in a different way than it was intended.

      This package provides a solution for that. It consists in parsing the message HTML and apply the CSS stylesheets to the HTML attributes.

      However, this may generate much larger HTML messages. Therefore it provides options to either remove the original CSS in the HTML file to make it small, as well remove the original style attributes from the tags and exclude media queries from the original CSS to minimize the final HTML size.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Christhian Vigh and France Won the 2016 PHP Innovation Award Edition (14 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-08
      Summary: The results of the PHP Programming Innovation Award edition of 2016 were announced and the winner is Christian Vigh from France. Collectively France also won the championship by countries thanks to the contributions the year of Christian Vigh, Lionel Lebeau and Chi Hoang.

      The site interviewed the winners to know them better. Listen to the winner interview or watch the interview hangout video, and read the interviews with the France team winners to learn more about the outstanding innovative packages that allowed them to win the 2016 award and how they can be contacted in case you are interested to hire them.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Generate Memorable Password (15 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-07
      Summary: Many sites generate passwords for users that want to access for the first time or recover a lost password. However, many times those passwords are made of many random characters that are hard to remember.

      This class provides a more user friendly solution by using real words as basis to generate random passwords. These words are taken from test in RSS feeds, so they are easy to remember because they are real words, not a random set of text characters.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Elastic Search for MySQL (21 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-03-01
      Summary: MySQL has a good full text search engine built-in but when you try to use full text searches and at the same time have the application updating the database, it may be very slow because updating the indexes slow down the rest of the database accesses.

      It is often faster to index the data to be searched with a separate database.

      Elastic search is an independent engine for indexing and searching data using a REST API.

      This class can index and search MySQL records using Elastic Search. This way you can provide a full text search on data in a MySQL database without overloading the main MySQL server.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report February 2017 Edition - November 2016 nominees (22 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-02-28
      Summary: This is the February edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners PHP and JavaScript packages, the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of November 2016.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn why the nominated packages were considered to be innovative, as well the current rankings of the Innovation Award Championship by author and by country.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Sodium Compat (23 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-02-27
      Summary: Many PHP projects use the mcrypt extension to implement features that require encrypting, decrypting or hashing of data. However, mcrypt will be removed from PHP 7.2 core distribution because extension is based on code that is not maintained for more than 8 years.

      Alternatively, developers should use the sodium extension that is now available in PECL and will make part of the PHP 7.2 core distribution.

      This class provides a polyfill for sodium extension, so you can use it in your current PHP projects to prepare for PHP 7.2 upgrade, even if you are using an older PHP version and the PECL sodium extension is not available.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • PHP Articles Report February 2017 Edition (27 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-02-23
      Summary: This is the February 2017 edition of the podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the latest outstanding PHP articles published recently.

      In this edition they discuss articles about the fastest method to evaluate the performance of a PHP Web application hire a server that can handle its needs in terms of CPU, RAM and disk, sending postal mail and cheques using an API, gamify a site the site link secret path, parsing and converting text with an amount in English to the respective number, and a simple tutorial on how to use MySQL with PDO in PHP 7.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these PHP articles.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP JSON API Server (29 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-02-21
      Summary: Nowadays PHP is used to implement APIs that serve mainly mobile applications. Implementing an API consists mainly of defining how PHP code will handle requests for different URL endpoints.

      This package makes the process as simple as defining as specifying a directory that contains scripts for handling requests for each of the supported API endpoints.

      Each endpoint script will be loaded and a function is called to handle the endpoint request and returns the response data to be returned to the calling client in JSON format.

      The package also comes with a simple JavaScript library to make calls to an API implemented with this package.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Address Autocomplete and Verification (30 days ago)

      Posted on: 2017-02-20
      Summary: Many sites need to request users to enter their postal addresses, like for instance in ecommerce sites. This may be a tedious task for the user, especially those that do not like to type on mobile devices.

      Often users give up registering or buying a product when they need to fully enter their postal addresses on forms. So bureaucratic form filling may cause loss of customers.

      This package provides a solution to minimize the pain of the users that need to enter postal addresses in forms. It provides means to autocomplete an address partially entered by the user in a Web form.

      When used in conjunction with AJAX requests, it can autocomplete the address while the user is typing in on the form without having to reload the current page.

      The possibility to validate if an address is correct is also very useful as it may avoid problems of delivering goods to addresses that are incorrect.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.


    Innovation award results

    Innovation Award winners Congratulations to Nahid Bin Azhar!

    Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
    1 PHP Github API Cient
    Access GitHub user repositories
    Nahid Bin Azhar Bangladesh 15.79% 22 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
    2 PHP.ini Settings
    Manage the PHP configuration values of php.ini
    Christian Vigh France 7.89% 21
    2 PHP Joomla Login
    Authenticate users of a Joomla installation
    Haseeb Ahmad Basil Pakistan 7.89% 21 One downloadable copy of CodeLobster Professional
    2 PHP Phonetic Transcriber
    Transcribe English words to IPA using Lingorado
    Gavin Gordon Markowski Canada 7.89% 21 One copy of the Zend Studio
    2 PHP Emoji Country Flags
    Convert country code to unicode emoji flags
    Peter Kahl Hong Kong 7.89% 21
    2 PHP Multi MySQLDump
    Dump MySQL database tables for file download
    Alessandro Quintiliani Italy 7.89% 21 One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
    2 PHP Youtube and Vimeo Video Downloader Script
    Download YouTube or Vimeo videos
    Ssaurz Acharya Australia 7.89% 21 PhpStorm IDE 1 year individual subscription
    8 PHP Location Based Search API
    API server for searching places near a location
    Sergii Pryz Ukraine 5.26% 15
    8 PHP Git Diff Patch Creator
    Create patch from differences between Git branches
    Istvan Dobrentei Hungary 5.26% 15
    8 PHP Binary Stream
    Parse extract data from binary files
    Sergey Vanyushin Russian Federation 5.26% 15
    8 PHP Sodium Compat
    Cryptographic functions of libsodium in pure PHP
    Scott Arciszewski United States 5.26% 15
    12 PHP Edit Subtitles Class
    Edit video subtitles in SRT and VTT formats
    Luciano Salvino Argentina 2.63% 11
    12 PHP BitMask Generator
    Generate all bitmasks with a minimum amount of 1s
    Jelle Sebreghts Belgium 2.63% 11
    12 PHP Global Class Functions Hack Pack
    Generate functions to call given class objects
    Omar Andrés Barbosa Ortiz Colombia 2.63% 11
    12 PHP Secure Chat
    Chat box between users using encrypted messages
    Martin Latter United Kingdom 2.63% 11
    12 PHP Microsoft EWS Office 365
    Access Office 365 Exchange Web Services via SOAP
    WsdlToPhp France 2.63% 11
    12 SAS to MySQL
    Extract data dictionaries from SAS file into MySQL
    Greg Neyman United States 2.63% 11
    18 PHP Volume Calculator
    Perform calculations on volumetrical materials
    Jose Manuel Spain <1.00% 5
    18 Geographer
    Get country and city names in multiples languages
    Denis Mysenko India <1.00% 5
    18 PHP Moby NLP
    Generate complete thoughts from a verb and a noun
    Dennis de Swart The Netherlands <1.00% 5
    18 Fuse
    Fuzzy search of arrays using the Bitap algorithm
    Florian Reuschel Germany <1.00% 5
    18 PHP Docsis Config of Cable Modem
    Query cable modem configuration via SMNP
    Fernando André Portugal <1.00% 5

    Award page

    Nominees to win the award of February of 2017

    Class: PHP Utilities
    Description: Evaluate math expressions, PHP templates, etc..
    Author: Christian Vigh
    Country: France

    Class: PHP Array Key Combiner
    Description: Combine arrays finding intersections
    Author: Jelle Sebreghts
    Country: Belgium

    Class: PHP Batch XML Attribute Writer
    Description: Write XML into multiple files of limited size
    Author: Marten van Urk
    Country: The Netherlands

    Class: Tobacco Class
    Description: Display and evaluate tobacco tests
    Author: Pierre FAUQUE
    Country: France

    Class: PHP API de Notificação de Concurso Público
    Description: Get information about public tenders in São Paulo
    Author: Lucas de Oliveira
    Country: Brazil

    Class: PHP Envato API
    Description: Get users, items and forums in Envato Market
    Author: Nahid Bin Azhar
    Country: Bangladesh

    Class: PHP MySQL Project Documentation
    Description: Generate documentation for a MySQL database
    Author: Rafael Sbrissa
    Country: Brazil

    Class: PHP INI Editor Class
    Description: View and edit INI files in Web forms
    Author: Blupixel IT Srl
    Country: Italy

    Class: PHP Address Autocomplete and Verification
    Description: Authenticate and autocomplete street addresses
    Author: Dave Smith
    Country: United States

    Class: USSD PHP PDU Converter
    Description: Convert Portable Data Unit commands
    Author: Stefan Jibrail Froelich
    Country: Ghana

    Class: PHP Elastic Search for MySQL
    Description: Index and search MySQL records with Elastic Search
    Author: Ahmed Khan
    Country: Pakistan

    Class: PHP JSON API Server
    Description: Handle REST API requests with functions in scripts
    Author: Cesar D. Rodas
    Country: Paraguay

    Class: Panchang Calendar
    Description: Display the astrological Panchang calendar
    Author: Vishv Sahdev
    Country: India

    Class: PHP Generate Memorable Password
    Description: Generate random passwords from words of a RSS feed
    Author: Chris Jeffries
    Country: United Kingdom

    Class: PHP Media File Info
    Description: Extract metadata from audio and video files
    Author: Sergey Vanyushin
    Country: Russian Federation

    Class: Health Measures
    Description: Record body measures and render graphs of changes
    Author: Lucia Figueroa
    Country: Uruguay

    Class: PHP Termux API
    Description: Control Android device using Termux application
    Author: Luis Martinez Ulloa
    Country: Peru

    Class: PHP CSS to Inline Styles
    Description: Convert CSS styles into HTML attribute values
    Author: Lars Moelleken
    Country: Germany



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    2017-03-21 PHP Microsoft EWS Office 365
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    Version 1.4.15 doesn't completely fix the issue
    2017-03-20 PHP PDF to Text
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    2017-03-20 PHP Termux API
    How to print on a non shared printer ?
    How to print on a non shared printer ?
    2017-03-17 PHP Print EPL


    • Latest package entries

    • PHP iTunes Search API

      Author: Yasir Siddiqui
      Date: 2017-03-21 (1 day ago)
      Groups: XML, PHP 5, Searching, Web services
      Description: This class can fetch data about podcast and apps from iTunes.

      It can send HTTP requests to iTunes Web server to retrieve several types of RSS feeds with the results for searching podcasts, apps and other types of media hosted by iTunes.

      Currently in can search for iPhone apps, app reviews, audio books, ebooks, movies, music, podcasts and TV shows.
    • PHP Code Fixer

      Author: Sergey Vanyushin
      Date: 2017-03-20 (2 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Utilities and Tools, Parsers
      Description: This package can find deprecated functions and variables in PHP.

      It can parse PHP code and find known issues of functions, variables and php.ini configuration directives that are deprecated.

      The package can also suggest replacements for the code that uses deprecated features.
    • Trigves Arm

      Author: Trigve Hagen
      Date: 2017-03-19 (3 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Databases
      Description: This class can create database tables from array.

      It takes an array with the definition of database tables and executes SQL statements to install the defined tables in MySQL database using MySQLi.

      The class checks for existing tables to determine if the listed tables already exist and may need to be altered, or just creates the tables.
    • Entity Generator

      Author: Channaveer Hakari
      Date: 2017-03-18 (4 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Databases, Code Generation
      Description: This package can generate database table access classes.

      It provides classes to retrieve information about database tables and fields.

      Separate scripts will generate classes with getter and setter functions to access the listed database tables within there own namespace.
    • Easy PHP CAPTCHA

      Author: Juan Pablo Irungaray Segura
      Date: 2017-03-18 (4 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Graphics, Validation
      Description: This class can generate images for user CAPTCHA validation.

      It can generate a random alphanumeric text of random length between 4 and 8 characters for CAPTCHA validation.

      The class can also generate a JPEG image with the random validation text displayed in it. The generated image saved to a server file.
    • PHP NBA API and MLB Stats

      Author: Matthew Boyle
      Date: 2017-03-16 (6 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Statistics, Games, Web services
      Description: This class can retrieve statistics from NBA and MLB API.

      It sends HTTP requests to erikberg.com API Web server to retrieve endpoints and make API calls to retrieve several types of statistics about NBA (Natiobal Basketball Association) and MLB (Major League Baseball) sports events.

      Currently it can retrieve information about: events, roster, standings, teams, results, boxscore, wildcard, draft, leaders, daily leaders and team stats.
    • iSMS PHP

      Author: Arnel Labarda
      Date: 2017-03-15 (7 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Wireless and Mobile, Web services
      Description: This package can send SMS messages and get the balance of iSMS.

      It can send HTTP requests to the iSMS Web server to send SMS messages to given recipients using an iSMS account user and password.

      It can also get the current balance of the iSMS account to learn how many more messages can be sent.