Unified PHP Playlist: Read playlists of formats asx, m3u, pls, xspf, etc

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This class can read playlists of formats aimppl, asx, xspf, zpl, m3u, pls, and upf.

It can take a given play list file and parse it to extract the metadata of the playlist it self and the tracks it contains.

For the playlist it extracts the title, the total track count, duration and file size.

For each track it extracts the URL, artist, song, album, genre, year, bitrate, sample rate, and duration.

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Playlists are lists of audio and video clips that can be watched in a sequence defined by the user. Playlists can be saved in files defined in many different formats.

This class can read playlists in many well known formats. It can extract many types of details of the listed media.

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A Unified Reader of playlist formats. Supports all popular playlist file formats and all their features.

  1. Features
  2. Installation
  3. Usage - Advanced usage
  4. Formats


  • Support for all popular formats and their variants: aimppl (and aimppl4), asx, xspf, zpl, m3u (and m3u8), pls, upf.
  • Unified interface to all data
  • Easy work with track data: just treat the class as an array of Track objects (support for iteration over class)
  • Support for all additional track data (length, bitrate, file size, genre, release year and so on)
  • Support reading and writing of all formats (writing support is in progress)
  • White and black lists of formats


Install package via composer:

composer require wapmorgan/unified-playlist


Firsly, check that file looks like a playlist. Then, try to open it with open() static method. In case of success it will return an instance of UnifiedPlaylist with all needed information.

use wapmorgan\UnifiedPlaylist\UnifiedPlaylist;

if (UnifiedPlaylist::isPlaylist($tmpfile)) {
    $playlist = UnifiedPlaylist::open($tmpfile);
    /// ... operations here

Available operations:

  1. Reading a Playlist. If you work with an instance of UnifiedPlaylist like with an array, it will contain all information about tracks as `Track` objects. (For detailed information about all `Track` fields and methods see section below)

    if (UnifiedPlaylist::isPlaylist($tmpfile)) {
        $playlist = UnifiedPlaylist::open($tmpfile);
        foreach ($playlist as $track) {
            echo $track->artist . ' - ' . $track->song.PHP_EOL.' ('.$track->formatDuration().')';
    // Information about all playlist like title, duration of size
    echo 'Title: '.$playlist->getTitle().PHP_EOL;
    echo 'Total playlist duration: '.$playlist->formatTotalDuration().PHP_EOL;
    echo 'Total playlist size: '.$playlist->getTotalSize().PHP_EOL;
  2. Creating a playlist
    $playlist = new UnifiedPlaylist();
    $playlist[] = (new Track('filename.mp3'))->set('duration', 10)->set('artist', 'Abba')->set('song', 'Happy new year');
  3. Modifying a playlist
    $playlist = UnifiedPlaylist::open($tmpfile);
    foreach ($playlist as $i => $track) {
        $track->genre = 'Pop';
        $playlist[$i] = $track;



Method | Description ----------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @isPlaylist($filename): boolean | Checks that file format is one of supporting @isAllowed($filename): boolean | Checks white and black lists for restrictions about specified format @open($filename): UnifiedPlaylist | Opens a playlist and returns a UnifiedPlaylist instance getTitle(): string | Returns title of playlist, if present getTotalTracks(): integer | Returns number of tracks in playlist getTotalDuration(): integer | Returns total duration of tracks in playlist getTotalSize(): integer | Returns total size of playlist, if present formatTotalDuration($format = 'auto'): string | Returns formatted duration of playlist. Format can be: m:s, h:m:s or h:m. If auto, the best format will be used. save($filename[, $format]): boolean | Saves the playlist


All available properties (real information can be nulled due to format limitations or generator configuration):

Property | Description -----------------|---------- string $url | File path if file or an url if stream string $artist | Artist of track string $song | Track name string $album | Album of track string $genre | Genre of track int $year | Year of track int $bitrate | Track bitrate (in kb/s) int $samplerate| Track samplerate (in Hz) int $duration | Track duration (in seconds)

Method | Description -----------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- formatDuration($format = 'auto') | Formats tracks duration as m:s, h:m:s or h:m. If auto, the best format will be used. isStream() | Checks if track is a network stream

Advanced usage

White and black lists

You can limit the list of formats that will be supported by your service. To allow the use of certain formats, use the whitelist:

UnifiedPlaylist::$whiteList = array(UnifiedPlaylist::M3U, UnifiedPlaylist::PLS);

To prohibit the use of certain formats, use the blacklist. All other formats will be allowed to use:

UnifiedPlaylist::$blackList = array(UnifiedPlaylist::ASX);

Now, it's important to properly handle the situation when a user tries to open a playlist of a prohibited format. In this case, the isAllowed() method returns false:

use wapmorgan\UnifiedPlaylist\FormatRestrictionException;
use wapmorgan\UnifiedPlaylist\UnifiedPlaylist;

UnifiedPlaylist::$blackList = array(UnifiedPlaylist::ASX);

if (UnifiedPlaylist::isPlaylist($tmpfile)) {
    if (UnifiedPlaylist::isAllowed($tmpfile)) {
        $playlist = UnifiedPlaylist::open($tmpfile);

        /// ... import operations here

    } else {
        echo 'Sorry, but we don\'t support this format. Please, try another.'.PHP_EOL;


| Format | aimppl | asx | xpl | xspf | zpl | m3u | pls | upf | |----------|--------|-----|-----|------|-----|-----|-----|-----| | Reading | + | + | - | + | + | + | + | + | | Writing | + | + | - | - | - | + | - | - |

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  Files  /  bin  
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   playlist Example Example script

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Formats (8 files)
   ConfigurationException.php Class Class source
   Exception.php Class Class source
   FormatRestrictionException.php Class Class source
   Track.php Class Class source
   UnifiedPlaylist.php Class Class source
   UnknownFormatException.php Class Class source

  Files  /  src  /  Formats  
File Role Description
   AdvancedStreamRedirector.php Class Class source
   Aimppl.php Class Class source
   BasicFormat.php Class Class source
   M3u.php Class Class source
   Pls.php Class Class source
   UniversalPlaylist.php Class Class source
   XmlShareablePlaylist.php Class Class source
   ZunePlaylist.php Class Class source

  Files  /  tests  
File Role Description
fixtures (1 file)
   UnifiedPlaylistTest.php Class Class source

  Files  /  tests  /  fixtures  
File Role Description
   Playlist.m3u Data Auxiliary data

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