Access user Class: Site user registration and page access restriction

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This package is meant to manage the registration of users of a site and restrict the access to the site pages to registered users.

The main features that it provides are:

- User login authentication verification
- New site member user registration
- Remember login information
- Account activation by sending a verification e-mail to the member address
- Page access restriction to site member users
- Forgotten password recovery by sending a message with a new password member e-mail address
- multi language message reporting
- level based page access destriction
- A new feature (since 1.7) is the ability to store the users profile data in the database.
- Since version 1.8: Access levels and a simple admin panel

The class uses MySQL to store the member users information and PHP sessions to keep track of the authenticated users.

The package comes with example scripts to demonstrate all the main features

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Name: Access user Class
Base name: access_user
Description: Site user registration and page access restriction
Version: 1.0.0
PHP version: -
License: BSD License
All time users: 23442 users
All time rank: 23
Week users: 1 user
Week rank: 255
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User access module
User access module written in pure php

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  Innovation Award  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
October 2004
Number 2

Prize: One downloadable copy of PHPEd
Site pages access restriction to authenticated users is common need that many Web applications have, for which there are many solutions. However, there are very few that provide a complete set of features that most application developers need to include.

This class provides a complete site membership management solution, that not only provides restriction of access to site pages to site users, but also includes other not less important features such as member registration with e-mail address verification and credentials recovery for users that forget their user names and passwords, all in a generic package that can be used by many types of sites.

Manuel Lemos

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File Role Description
access_user_class.php Class The (complete) class
access_user_doc.htm Doc. A user manual with examples
access_user_profile_doc.htm Doc. The manual about the use of the update profil extension
activate_password.php Appl. Form where to submit a new (lost) password
admin_user.php Appl. Admin script to change important user data
changes.txt Data Notes about updates and changes
countries_table.sql Data SQL statement and country list
db_config.php Conf. Database configuration and some constant variables
deny_access.php Appl. deafult page if access level is to low
example.php Example An example how to protect a page
ext_user_profile.php Class The extension which i used to handle the user's profile data
forgot_password.php Appl. Example for a password recovery
login.php Example Example to login an user
login_local.php Appl. use this script login and set the applications (msg) language
register.php Appl. Example to register users
testpage.php Example Use this page to test the class with redirect
test_access_level.php Appl. test script for checking the access level
update_user.php Appl. An example for updating a user
update_user_profile.php Appl. Update form for user's data and profile
users_profile_table.sql Data The database table will hold the users profile data
users_table.sql Data sql statement for the user table

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