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PHP HTTP protocol client: HTTP client to access Web site pages

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Name: Manuel Lemos <contact>
Classes: 38 packages by
Country: Portugal Portugal
Age: 48
All time rank: 1
Week rank: 2 Down1 in Portugal Portugal Equal

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Class that implements requests to Web resources using the HTTP protocol.

It features:

- May submit HTTP requests with any method, to any page, to any server, connecting to any port.
- Provides support to setup connection and request arguments from a given URL.
- May submit requests via a proxy server with support for authentication if necessary.
- May establish connections via a SOCKS server.
- Supports HTTP direct access or proxy based authentication mechanisms via SASL class library like HTTP Basic, HTTP Digest or NTLM (Windows or Samba).
- Support secure connections (https) via Curl library with SSL support, or at least PHP 4.3.0 with OpenSSL support, or via a non-SSL HTTP proxy server.
- Supports accessing secure pages using SSL certificates and private keys using Curl library
- Supports user defined request headers.
- Supports POST requests with a user defined array of form values.
- Supports POST requests with a user defined request bodies for instance for making requests to SOAP services.
- Supports streaming requests that require uploading large amounts of data of undefined length in small chunks to avoid exceeding PHP memory limits
- Supports requests to sites hosting virtual Web servers.
- Retrieves the HTTP response headers and body data separately.
- Support HTTP 1.1 chunked content encoding
- Supports session and persistent cookies.
- Provides optional handling of redirected pages.
- Supports defining connection and data transfer timeout values.
- Can output connection debug information in plain text or formatted as HTML.
- An add-on class is provided to login to Yahoo sites and perform actions on the behalf of the logged users like exporting the user address book or sending invitation to a group.

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Name: PHP HTTP protocol client
Base name: httpclient
Description: HTTP client to access Web site pages
Version: 1.0.5
PHP version: 3
License: BSD License
All time users: 44098 users
All time rank: 7
Week users: 27 users
Week rank: 27 Down
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File Role Description
Accessible without login Image file httpclient.gif Screen Submitting a SOAP request via HTTP POST


Multiple search engine search retrieval and storage
Need a engine to query different search engines

Upload file to directory of my server with download link
How I can upload this file to my server with download link

Access file and get response from hosted domain to localhost
Send variable values from localhost to a PHP script in a domain

What is the best PHP http client class?
HTTP client for PHP version 5.3

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  Packages needed by this class  
Class DownloadWhy it is needed Dependency
Simple Authentication and Security Layer Download .zip .tar.gz When the HTTP server requires authentication, the SASL package provides support for implementing authentication mechanisms like: Basic, Digest, PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5, NTLM (Windows or Linux/Unix with Samba). Conditional

  Other classes that need this package  
Class Why it is needed Dependency
AIM connectivity to server Required
Akismet class For http protocol Required
Amazon S3 Stream Wrapper This class is the base for open HTTP Communication Required
File Exchange Protocol The Filesystem is working over HTTP/1.0 Required
French White Pages HTTP Post Query Required
Freshmeat project query class Access the Freshmeat site with HTTP protocol Required
From Browser - Youtube Upload For HTTP negociation Required
gHttp This class is the base for open HTTP Required
PHP Git In order to run run git_http_client.php Conditional
PHP Git Client Class Access GIT repositories via HTTP Required
PHP OAuth Library Send HTTP request to OAuth servers Required
PHP Print IPP IPP protocol transits by http. Here is a compatible and stable http backend. Conditional
PHP SVN Client for http(s) protocol Required
PHP Twitter Feed Send HTTP requests using the OAuth class Required
PHP Webmaster Tools API Send HTTP requests to the Webmaster Tools API Required
SOAP server class Used in the SOAP client example script Optional
WAP Push The wPush uses this class for the POST query. Required

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Uses this class to download new versions of the program and the IP to country database files

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  Files folder image Files  
File Role Description
Plain text file http.php Class HTTP class file
Accessible without login Plain text file LICENSE.txt Lic. BSD like license
Accessible without login Plain text file test_cookies.php Test Unit test script to verify cookie manipulation functions
Accessible without login Plain text file test_http.php Example HTTP class test page script
Accessible without login Plain text file test_http_cookies.php Example Script to test cookie support
Accessible without login Plain text file test_http_image_request.php Example Example script on how to request an image from a remote site to made available through a local server
Accessible without login Plain text file test_http_post.php Example Emulate a form submission using HTTP POST submitting form field values including file uploads
Accessible without login Plain text file test_http_soap.php Example Example script on how to make a request to SOAP service
Accessible without login Plain text file yahoo_export_address_book.php Example Script to login in Yahoo and export the user address book
Accessible without login Plain text file yahoo_group_invite.php Example Script to login in Yahoo and invite users to a Yahoo!Groups mailing list
Plain text file yahoo_user.php Class Class to login and access resources for Yahoo registered users

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