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Contact Grabber: Grab contacts of email and social networking sites

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Name: Magnet Technologies <contact>
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Country: India India
Age: ???
All time rank: 21914 in India India
Week rank: 991 Down86 in India India Down

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The class will fetch the contacts of the selected site for the given username and password. Yahoo, Gmail & MSN Messenger classes have been incorporated as they are available under GPL. Rediff, Orkut & MySpace classes have been developed at Magnet.
AOL & Lycos have been incorporated as they were also available under GPL. New classes for LinkedIn & Lycos have been integrated.

Contact Grabber

This application has been developed to grab the contacts of any of the following sites:

1. Yahoo
2. Hotmail
3. Gmail
4. Rediff
5. Orkut
6. Myspace
7. Indiatimes
8. LinkedIn
9. Lycos
10. AOL

The script uses CURL & Socket for all the operations. 


1. PHP 5 with CURL & fsockopen() support


You have to set the directory path of ContactGrabber installation in the config.php file. 



	 - baseclass.php

	 - This directory should have writable permissions.

	 - grabOrkut.class.php

	- grabRediff.class.php

	- class.GrabYahoo.php

	- grabMyspace.class.php

	- libgmailer.php

	- msn_contact_grab.class.php

	- aol.class.php

	- lycos.class.php

	- grabIndiatimes.class.php

	- grabLinkedin.class.php


Binish Philip, Jaldip Upadhyay, Jatin Dwivedi, Jignesh Patel, Kajal Goziya, Mayur Sharma, Nimesh Shah, Pravin Shukla, Syed Haider, Twinkle Panchal

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Name: Contact Grabber
Base name: contactgrabber
Description: Grab contacts of email and social networking sites
Version: 0.4
PHP version: 5.0
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
All time users: 10402 users
All time rank: 120
Week users: 0 users
Week rank: 713 Equal
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Accessible without login Image file screenshot_orkut.png Screen Screenshot of Orkut Contacts

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File Role Description
Plain text file aol.class.php Class AOL Grabber
Plain text file baseclass.php Class Base Class used for all grabbers
Plain text file class.GrabYahoo.php Class Yahoo Class File
Plain text file config.php Conf. Configuration File
Plain text file cookie.txt Class For storing temporary cookies
Plain text file COPYING Lic. License Text
Plain text file grabIndiatimes.class.php Class Indiatimes Grabber
Plain text file grabLinkedin.class.php Class Linkedin Grabber
Plain text file grabMyspace.class.php Class MySpace Class File
Plain text file grabOrkut.class.php Class Orkut Class File
Plain text file grabRediff.class.php Class Rediff Class File
Plain text file header.php Appl. csv contacts download
Plain text file index.php Appl. Index File
Plain text file libgmailer.php Class Gmail Class File
Plain text file lycos.class.php Class Lycos Grabber
Plain text file msn_contact_grab.class.php Class Hotmail Class File
Plain text file README Doc. README

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