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SMS Web Sender: Free SMS sending through existing SMS sites

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Name: Keyvan Minoukadeh <contact>
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Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Age: ???
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PHP class which connects to a web site offering free SMS sending, logs you in with your username and password and sends your SMS message to a mobile number.

SMS Web Sender 2

  Documentation is still a work in progress, please check <>
  to view the latest.

  SMS Web Sender requires HTTP Navigator 2.2 or greater (found at 

  Upload all files in the SMS Web Sender distribution and check the test/ 
  folder to see 3 examples of how SMS Web Sender can be used.  The quickest
  way to test is to run web_form.php.
  You will need to edit web_form.php first and specify the path to the
  HTTP Navigator classes, once that's done you can try accessing it from the
  web and you should see a web form asking for site details to be entered, try
  this and see if it works.  If it does then you should look at the other 2
  example files.

Main Classes

  +--- SMS_Web_Sender
  +--+ SMS_Site
  |  |
  |  +--- SMSSend_Site
  |  |
  |  +--- SMS_Site_sitename* 
  +--- HTML_Functions

  * SMS_Site_sitename is an example of a custom class extending SMS_Site and 
    overriding the send() method to handle the sending. These classes should
    located in the sites/ folder.

  SMS_Web_Sender holds instances of SMSSend_Site or SMS_Site_sitename (both 
  subclasses of SMS_Site).  Users only interact with the SMS_Web_Sender object,
  not the site objects themselves.

  SMS_Site is an abstract class which should be extended to implement specific
  site sending code.  See sites/ folder for examples of this.

  SMSSend_Site is a subclass of SMS_Site which provides limited support for
  SMSSend scripts <>

  HTML_Functions is a class providing helpful functions for extracting values
  from HTML. An instance of this class is available for all sites extending

Directory Structure

  +--- classes
  +--- sites
  +--+ smssend_sites
  |  |
  |  +--- config
  +--- test

  classes folder holds the following classes:
   - SMS_Web_Sender
   - SMS_Site
   - SMSSend_Site
   - HTML_Functions
  The above classes have been described briefly in the previous section

  sites folder holds custom site classes (extending SMS_Site), SMS_Web_Sender
  will look in this folder (along with smssend_sites) to determine if a site
  specified exists or not. If a site with the same name exists in both the 
  sites/ folder and the smssend_sites folder, then the one found in sites/
  will be used.

  smssend_sites folder holds SMSSend scripts (extension .sms).  SMS Web Sender
  does not fully support SMSSend scripts, but the most basic ones should work

  config is a folder within the smssend_sites folder which holds php config
  files for each smssend script. Config files are required for SMSSend scripts
  as SMS Web Sender works differently to SMSSend in that it allows multiple
  sites to be configured to handle SMS sends.  For this to work the SMSSend
  errors and parameters must be mapped to the relevant SMS Web Sender ones.

  test holds php scripts showing how SMS Web Sender can be used in different

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Name: SMS Web Sender
Base name: sms_web_sender
Description: Free SMS sending through existing SMS sites
Version: 1.0.0
PHP version: -
Licenses: Freely Distributable
GNU General Public License (GPL)
All time users: 11247 users
All time rank: 109
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Week rank: 559 Equal
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api documentation
HTTP Navigator 2
required for SMS Web Sender to work

  Files folder image Files  
File Role Description
Files folder imageclasses (4 files)
Files folder imagetest (2 files)
Accessible without login Plain text file readme.txt Doc. readme file

  Files folder image Files  /  classes  
File Role Description
  Plain text file HTML_Functions.php Class common functions for extracting data from HTML
  Plain text file SMSSend_Site.php Class class offering limited support for SMSSend scripts
  Plain text file SMS_Site.php Class site base class
  Plain text file SMS_Web_Sender.php Class main class

  Files folder image Files  /  test  
File Role Description
  Accessible without login Plain text file simple_send.php Test simple send example
  Accessible without login Plain text file web_form.php Test web form example

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