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WHM XML API: Manipulate Cpanel/WHM accounts using its XML API

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Name: Arash Hemmat <contact>
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Country: Iran Iran
Age: 34
All time rank: 3702 in Iran Iran
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This class can be used to manipulate Cpanel/WHM hosting accounts using the XML Web services API.

It can establish secure HTTP connections to a Web server to manage Cpanel/WHM accounts and authenticates on behalf of a given Cpanel user.

The class can execute several types of requests:

- Retrieve the XML API version
- Retrieve the server host name
- List the active hosting accounts
- List the available packages
- Create a new account
- Retrieve a summary about an account
- Change the password of an account
- Suspend, unsuspend and terminate an account
- Upgrade or downgrade a package

********** Note *************
This software is being published under GNU GPL license that means it comes with no warranty, so use at your own risk.

********* Usage *************
- You need PHP 5.x to run this class.
This class is very easy to use just take a look at test.php to understand how you should use it.
You must read the "WHM XML API Document" before using this class:
You can see the inputs and outputs of each function in the page above.
I have implemented the functions listed below, other functions will be implemented in the next version.

******List of implemented functions******
- version()
- gethostname()
- listaccts ()
- listPkgs()
- createAccount($acctDomain,$acctUser,$acctPass,$acctPackg)
- accountsummary($accUser)
- passwd($accUser,$pass)
- suspend($acctUser,$reason)
- unsuspend($acctUser)
- terminate($acctUser,$keepDns=0)
- changepackage($accUser,$pkg)

****** FAQ *********

Q. I'm getting warning like "Warning: SimpleXMLElement::__construct()...." what is the problem?
A. You did not enter the correct "username" or "whm host" or "whm hash" in the init() function and the class has not been initilized correctly.

Q.I'm getting this error while creating a new account "You do not have access to create that package (package_name)!" what is the problem
A.You have entered a package name that do not exist in your whm account.

******* Contact *********
Send your comments and questions to this email address:  arash.hemmat _\/_at_/\_

Arash Hemmat 
Tuesday, September 25 2007

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Base name: whm
Description: Manipulate Cpanel/WHM accounts using its XML API
Version: 1.0
PHP version: 5.0
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
All time users: 4556 users
All time rank: 599
Week users: 0 users
Week rank: 679 Equal
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WHM XML API document
This is the document of WHM XML API that users should read before using this class.

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