ods-php: Read and write spreadsheet files in the ODS format

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This class can be use to read and write spreadsheet files in the Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS) Format used by OpenOffice.

It can create spreadsheets by adding or changing the values of the cells, rows or formulas.

The class can create the spreadsheet files by generating the document XML files in its directory structure and then using the zip command to generate a single packed archive in the ODS compressed format.

It can also do the opposite by extracting a ODS zip archive and parsing the spreadsheet XML files to extract the cell data values into class variables.

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Name: ods-php
Base name: ods-php
Description: Read and write spreadsheet files in the ODS format
Version: 0.1
PHP version: 4
License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
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Week rank: 242
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example.php Example example of use
LICENSE Lic. license file
ods.php Class class implementation

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