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SimpleXML for PHP4: Load XML files in PHP 4 like SimpleXML extension

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This class can be used to load XML documents under PHP 4 like PHP 5 SimpleXML extension.

It can load and parse a XML document file like the simple_xml_load function.

The class reorganizes the parsed document nodes to return a document structure identical to the result of the simple_load_file function.

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Name: SimpleXML for PHP4
Base name: simplexml
Description: Load XML files in PHP 4 like SimpleXML extension
Version: 1.2
PHP version: 4.0
License: MIT/X Consortium License
All time users: 8764 users
All time rank: 173
Week users: 4 users
Week rank: 238 Down
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PHP Programming Innovation award winner
April 2008

Prize: One book of choice by O'Reilly
SimpleXML is an extension that simplifies the parsing and processing of XML documents. However, the SimpleXML extension is available only under PHP 5.

This class provides an alternative implementation of the SimpleXML API that works under PHP 4, so applications that need to run under environments on which only PHP 4 is available can take advantage of the SimpleXML API benefits.

Manuel Lemos

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